Resources for twins and parents of twins
Famous Twins and Celebrity Twins

Alanis Morissette, singer - fraternal twin brother, Wade
Ashton Kutcher, actor - fraternal twin brother, Michael
Billy Dee Williams, actor - fraternal twin sister, Loretta
Jose and Ozzie Canseco, MLB players - identical twins
Joseph Fiennes, actor - fraternal twin brother, Jacob
Justin Timberlake, singer - fraternal twin sister, Laura Katherine
Kiefer Sutherland, actor - fraternal twin sister, Rachel
Mario Andretti, race car driver - fraternal twin brother, Aldo
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, actresses/singers - fraternal twins
Nicholas Brendon, actor - identical twin brother, Kelly Donovan
Ronde and Tiki Barber, NFL players, identical twins
Scarlett Johansson, actress - fraternal twin brother, Hunter
Vin Diesel (Mark Vincent), actor - fraternal twin brother, Paul Vincent

Famous Parents of Twins

Geena Davis, actress - boys, Kian and Kaiis
George W. Bush, US president - fraternal girls, Jenna and Barbara
Julia Roberts, actress - boy/girl, Hazel(girl) and Phinnaeus(boy)
Marcia Gay Harden, actress - boy/girl, Hudson(boy) and Julitta(girl)
Mel Gibson, actor/director - boys, Edward and Christian